Trumstand Natural iPhone dock made out of gold

Not a while ago we covered natural speaker dock for your iPhone called MegaPhone, and in case that you liked it, today we have another speaker dock for your iPhone that we want to present you.

There are all sorts of speaker docks for iPhone available on the market, but not many of them are stylish as Trumstand that comes from Japanese Pleiades designs. We also have to mention that Trumstand speaker dock is probably the world’s first iPhone dock that is using a horn -shaped speaker made out of brass. According to its designers, Trumstand doesn’t use any electronics to amplify the sound, and instead of electronics, it utilizes the natural acoustics of its horn-shaped speaker. In addition, the sound that is emitted from iPhone’s speaker is transmitted to the base of the Trumstand that works as a sound box, and transfers the sound to the speaker itself. In order to provide you with best sound, the base of the dock is made out of thick alloy that minimizes external vibrations.
Trumstand is one amazing and natural iPhone dock, but it comes with a hefty price. The gold model will set you back $2,000 while the silver model will cost you $1,800.


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