Click Keypad LED Watch Geeky wristwatch displays time on its keypad

Finding a right wristwatch for you can be hard thing sometimes, but if you’re looking for unique and geeky wristwatch, you might be interested in today’s model.

Click Keypad LED Watch comes from Watchismo, and unlike other wristwatches on the market, this one doesn’t have a display. Instead, this watch utilizes keypad in order to tell you the current time and date, so if you want to check the time, you just have to press a button, and four keys will light up on your watch in a specific sequence, telling you the exact time.
Same goes for the date, you just need to press the Hash key, and four keys will light up and tell you the current date.
Click Keypad LED Watch is unusual geeky wristwatch, and although it’s not fast as standard watches, it still comes with unique design, and as for the price, Click Keypad LED Watch from Watchismo is priced at $99.


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