skin care and make up

First you need to know your skin type. is it Normal, Oily or Dry?
After that you can pick your tips from below…

Normal Skin:
The skin which looks smooth in normal can be turn in to a oily in summer season. So picking the right makeup is very important. Pick the right foundation & Powder for you face.
Use a layer of moisturizer underneath the makeup whenever you are planning to go out in a Dry, Winter (Cold) temperature. Keep some powder for humid weather.
Dry Skin:
Avoid alcohol related products. Keep your skin softer by using moisturizer on your skin.
Oily Skin:
This skin is shiny and sticky, Try to start your day with a Deep-Cleanser which clean up all the dirts, oils to make you skin cleaner. Use good branded oil control makeups to control unwanted oily skin.
Sensitive Skin:
If you have such skin, Don’t use random face wash to wash. Use Non-Alcohol related moisturizers.


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