Unusual Heel Designs

There is incredible high heel design by using various everyday objects,animals etc.

Apple Speaker

Tiny wooden Apple Speaker designed by Motz for iPhone, iPad or iPod, Made of wood and 100% handicraft products.Tiny Wooden Apple speaker produces rich sound. Includes a USB connector for charging and a standard jack to connect to audio sources. 

Summer Skin Care

In summer over Heating cause extra sweating which results in lose of body fluids and moisturizers.
Lack of proper hydration and moisturization results in premature skin wrinkles.UV Sun rays also speed up the aging process.You can protect your skin from harmful effects of intense sun rays and get back your skin moisturizer simply by following some natural tips.

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How to treat blackheads

"Blackheads " are basically blocked pores which are filled with Oil deposits and dead skin cells.

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Skin whitening home remedies

Here the tip of skin whitening you can use and make your skin white.

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Samsung NX200 Camera

The NX200 has a slim body that is more reminiscent of a point-and-shoot than an SLR. 

Shadow Paintings

There is amazing photography of shadow paintings.The best part is that you can easily repeat something similar at home – all you need is one or two lamps and some items from your desk. lets see...........

Vitamin C Skin Benefits

The topical use of Vitamin C revitalizes your skin, allowing for improvement in the tone and texture!

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Resturant in a Cave

There is amazing pics of hotel which situated in a cave.This cave restaurant is located underneath the Grotta Palazzese hotel in a small town of Polignano a Mare, Italy. 

Symptoms high Cholesterol

There are several kinds of Cholesterol tests and measurement approaches available today and if you are bearing any of the symptoms or even a high stressed lifestyle then you should be consulting a physician to get yourself tested.A doctor’s office or a health practitioner easily carries such a test to determine your Cholesterol level.

Manicure and Pedicure deals

The hands and feet are essentially the most important of our appearance to give an overall impression of neatness and hygiene.
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Heart attack prevention

The implemented bans on countries like Canada, Europe and America have thus been reduced to a great degree. There have been communities that have now taken responsible measure in all these countries to ban those smoking on average. There have been great reductions in rates of heart attacks compared to those areas and countries where smoking prohibitions have still not been controlled as much.
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Kahaani Nets Rs 23 Cr In Week 1

Kahaani fared well at the box-office in its first week with Rs. 23 crore nett. The Vidya Balan starrer did well especially in the metros. Chaar Din Ki Chandni fizzled with just Rs. 5 crore nett in week one.

Skin allergies in children

By definition, an allergy is an abnormal response of the immune system if the human body to an allergen (an agent that can trigger allergy). Allergies in children are quite common in today’s context. Many children attending pediatric clinics today do so for allergy-related complaints.

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Aamir Khan celebrates his birthday

Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan celebrates his 47th birthday with media today. Aamir Khan gifted his photo in Shri krushna style. Aamir khan will be play a role of Shri Krishna if any movie on Mahabharata will be made. Happy Birthday Aamir Khan!!

Vidya Balan on the cover of Harper's Bazaar's Third Anniversary

Here is the Latest photoshoot of Vidya Balan for Harper's Bazaar Magazines Third Anniversary Issue - 2012.

New ipad 3

iPad 3 comes with 9.7-inch Retina Display that works at 2048 x 1536 resolution, and A5X dual-core processor with quad-core graphics. The new “iSight camera” is 5-megapixel backside illuminated camera with 5-element lens, IR filter and ISP, can record full HD 1080p video, and it also supports face detection.
if you’re looking forward to the new Apple’s tablet, you’ll be pleased to know that iPad 3 is officially launched.

London Paris New York Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Among all the films releasing on the same date as London Paris New York, the latter is definitely much better than the others. The film stars Pakistani actor Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari in the lead. The film has been shot at upscale foreign locations, as is clear from the film’s name itself.

Food for the brain memory

Eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids—healthy fats found in abundance in oily fish such as salmon—may protect against premature aging of the brain and memory problems in late middle age.

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Google Shoes

There is amazing pictures of  google shoes....

crystal usb stick

Empty Memory is an elegant jewelry collection that works as USB memory sticks! 

vitamins and cancer

The best way to beat cancer naturally is to adopt a lifestyle to prevent it. Healthy, nutrient-rich food is an essential part of any anti-cancer plan.

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