The highest water slide in the world

Have you ever wanted to jump into water from a height of 14-storey building?

Sleeping Disorder

If you are going through a stressful life event like problems in relationships, death in the family, we would understand that you would be having a hard time sleeping on time. However, if you are one of the people that this has become chronic or this has become often, then you may have sleeping disorder or Insomnia.

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Sensing a dangerous whale

These amazing pictures were made by an amateur underwater photoshoot Doug Perrin and his partner - Brandon Cole, scuba diver off the coast of Mexico.

Wristwatch tells you time in words

Today we have another special wristwatch that we want to show you.
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Luminous Glass Skeleton

Here is amazing Pics Luminous Glass Skeleton.This stunning anatomical light structures that are fully hollow and filled with ionized krypton, causing them to glow similar to a neon light. 

Funny Books Stands

Here is amazing pics of variety of book stand.The company's designers "Knob Creek Metal Arts" We offer a fun bookends. They received a variety of centaurs and zombies to dinosaurs and robots.

Sand Paintings

Here is amazing pics of Sand Paintings on avery large Scale.

Anti-Aging Medicine

Anti-Aging Medicine is now practiced by millions of Physicians around the world. It relates to the application of advanced biomedical technologies that are used to prevent, and are used for treatment for aging-related disease.

Lock Flash Drive

This original flash drive in the form of a bicycle lock code, became the winner of the competition iF Design Talents 2012. 
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Kareena Kapoor & Katrina Kaif on the cover of Cineblitz

Here is photoshoot of Bollywood's Hottest and Popular Actress Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif on the cover of Cineblitz Magazine April 2012 Edition.

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Brammo electric bike

The company began mass production of Brammo electric motorcycles expected Empulse. The official presentation of the model will be May 8 in Los Angeles.

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Floor Made of Papers

The sculptural floor piece known as Cartoframma consists of over 10,000 strips of paper that curve and spiral out to create a magnificent rippling effect.

Making of Katrina's latest Slice ad!

This is undoubtedly Katrina Kaif's one of the hottest Slice ad. The actor who's a sheer delight to look at on screen says that she enjoyed shooting for the ad this time, as it had an ethnic feel.

Rare pics of Emraan Hashmi with his family

Here is the pics of Emraan Hashmi Spotted with Wife Parveen & Kid Ayaan.
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Jacqueline Fernandez on the cover of Cosmopolitan India

Jacqueline Fernandez on the cover of Cosmopolitan India - April 2012. Jacqueline Fernandez Looking very hot in her red outfit.
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The first gold iPad 3

Version of the tablet in the case of 24-karat gold, packed in a wooden box handcrafted, soon will be available in several boutiques in Dubai, London and Hong Kong.

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Unusual Calculators

Technology and new design solutions create new and innovative approaches to the implementation of a device. For example, the most usual calculators that do the most are already familiar to all role can have an original look, unusual shape and interesting design decision.

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New Memory card microP2 from Panasonic

At NAB 2012, Panasonic introduced the new format a memory card microP2.
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Cannon HandiZoom Camera

The company VizTools developed a device that allows you to control zoom lens light touch buttons.
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Portrait Made of 3,500 Lipsticks

Palestinian artist Amer Shomali created a unique portrait made of 3,500 lipsticks for an art exhibition at Birzeit University.

Eye care

Eyes are one of the most important organ in the human body and vision is one of the most wonderful gift. But often many people neglect the importance of eye care and do not pay proper attention towards eye care.

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Lighter gun

if you’re looking a device that will be able to protect you from potential attackers, you might be interested in today’s device that combines several devices into one.

To improve brain memory

If our brains were computers, we'd simply add a chip to upgrade our memory. The human brain, however, is more complex than even the most advanced machine, so improving our memory isn’t quite so easy. Just as it takes effort to build physical fitness, so too does boosting brain power.
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Male baldness treatment

Thick, Healthy and Shiny hair give you an awesome look but thin, twisted and dull hair not only decrease your graceful personality.Hair are one of the most precious gift of God and really need proper care otherwise gradual and unchecked hair fall may result in Permanent Baldness.
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Mobile phone cause brain cancer?

Further research has been suggesting there is no link between mobile phones and brain cancer.

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100 Processors Into Single Chip

Forget dual-core and quad-core processors,a semiconductor company promises to pack 100 cores into a processor that can be used in applications that require hefty computing punch, like video conferencing, wireless base stations and networking. By comparison, Intel’s latest chips are expected to have just eight cores.

Cures for thinning hair

Poor diet and Lack of certain nutrients cause thinning hair, hormone imbalances and stress also contribute to thinning of hair.
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Salman Khan Brand Ambassador For Yatra.Com

Salman Khan turns Brand Ambassador For Yatra.Com. Salman Khan Spotted in white tshirt reciving 5 lakh rupees check for Big Human Foundations.

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World’s Smallest Transistor Created Using Single Atom

world’s smallest transistor, using a single phosphorus atom. An international team at the University of New South Wales, Purdue University and the University of Melbourne, has described the smallest transistor ever built in the Nature Nanotechnology journal.

Natural Hair Straightening

Straight,smooth and silky hair is a natural desire of young girls and many girls spend a lot of money on expensive hair straightening products but before using any hair straightener you should aware the side effects of hair straighteners because harsh chemicals and intense heating effect of hair straighteners may damage your hair.

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Kareena Kapoor Photoshoot For Filmfare Magazine April 2012

Here is the latest photo shoot of KAREENA KAPOOR for the cover girl of Filmfare Magazine for the month of April 2012.
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5 Biggest Libraries in the World

Library of congress:
Library of Congress, Washington, DC, is known as one the biggest library in US. It stocks 30.000.000 books from many languages and many disciplines.

Natural remedies for body odour

Many people have misperceptions about actual cause of body odour(body stink or bad smell). Actually Body odour is caused by bacteria which start to grow on our skin and they release some unpleasant chemicals and smell of these chemicals cause body odour.

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Hair treatment for split ends

Split ends (trichoptilosis) is a common hair problem of women having long hair.
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Most Interesting Bridges in the world

There is some amazing pictures of Bridges in the world.


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