Dhanush to shoot video with Sonu Nigam's son ( 'Milk' version of 'Kolaveri Di' )

After Rajinikanth's son-in-law, it is Sonu Nigam's 4yrs old son Nevaan Nigam, who has made the song Kolaveri Di famous, yet again. Nevaan Nigam has sung an endearing version of Dhanush' super-viral song, and guess what, in this the singer is asking his mama for 'milk-uh'!
  'Milk' version of 'Kolaveri Di' 

Sonu Nigam is seen in the video along with his wife Madhurima, encouraging their son who takes on the microphone with the practised ease of a pro.
Exclaiming on the milk version, Dhanush tweeted, "Oh my god I`m in love with Nevaan Nigam’s version of 'Kolaveri'. Great idea Sonu nigam ji. It`s very touching and endearing. Hi 5 nevaan. God bless u."
Dhanush's Kolaveri Di that took the entire nation by storm has competition now. And, it’s none other than Sonu Nigam’s son Nevaan, who’s giving him some tough time. The four-year-old’s version has some different lyrics. While Dhanush's song is called Soup Song, Nevaan calls his version Milk Song.
soon after Nevaan`s version was uploaded, it generated more than 63,586 hits. The original ‘Why This Kolaveri Di song’, which was uploaded on November 16, is still a rage on YouTube with 16,228,211 hits.


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