A PC you can ride: 2011 HAF X Mini Bike

You may not get very far on this ‘Pocket Bike’ / Mini Bike largely because of its ride comfort and the amount of fuel it can hold but the HAF X Mini Bike is certainly one astonishing PC case mod. Though the bike itself doesn’t house a display, you probably don’t want to be doing that while you’re scootering about. The idea itself sounds great, why go to work or your mates with a memory stick when you can get there with your own PC and just hook up a display? Check it out in the video below, the bike accelerates, turns and brakes just like any bike…
see this video..

Weather Reporter

A product concept titled “The Window Phone” by Seunghan Song. The cell changes its appearance based on accurate predictions of the weather.

Fruity USB

These are realistic looking fruit USB Flash Drives. You can buy the Watermelon here, and Strawberry here.


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