Handcrafted skull-shaped speakers

Finding a proper speaker can be a problem, especially if you value form over functionality, but if you’re looking for visually appealing speaker for your room, today we have the right thing for you.

MinuSkull speakers are made by Paris-based design duo, Kuntzel+Deygas, and what makes these speakers so special is their unusual looks. Judging by the name, these speakers are skull-shaped, and they come with two tweeters that are placed where eyes of the skull should be. As for the speakers, they have frequency range from 60Hz-20kHz, and an amplifier that can produce 50Watt sound. Regarding the size, MinuSkull measures 9.25” in width, 10.63” in height, and 5.91” in depth while weighing 11 pounds. We have to mention that MinuSkull speakers are handcrafted, and they are available in three versions: classic walnut wood, white or black with a piano lacquer finish.
MinuSkull speakers look quite amazing, but such amazing speakers come with a hefty price of €1,600.


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