Handheld SNES for retro gamers

Today we have all sorts of handheld consoles, but if you are into retro games and retro gaming, you might be interested in a latest handheld device that combines retro games and the mobility of handheld consoles into one.

 It’s is called Supaboy and it allows you to enjoy in retro SNES games while you’re on the go. Supaboy resembles SNES controller, but unlike SNES controller, it has a slot for old SNES cartridges and its own 3.5-inch display in the middle, that allows player to enjoy in SNES games wherever he goes. We have to mention that Supaboy also supports multiplayer, and by connecting an additional SNES controller to it and plugging your Supaboy to your TV, you can enjoy in SNES games with your friends.
If you still have old SNES cartridges and you want to enjoy in retro games with your friends or by yourself, you should definitely check out Supaboy at Amazon. As for the price, this retro handheld console is priced at $80.


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