Hrithik Roshan new look in Krrish 3

Below is a picture of Hrithik Roshan before and after his 10 week workout program. The actor had put on oodles of weight due to his back injury.
To get back into shape for his superhero act in Krrish 3, the actor hired Kris Gethin who trained him for the last 3 months. The transformation is shocking! Have a look at a never before seen picture of a FAT Hrithik Roshan and then his sexy bulked-up look for Krrish 3.

Farah Khan, Shirish Kunder patch up with SRK

Filmmaker Sajid Khan, who's a close associate of SRK and also the brother of choreographer/director Farah Khan has made fresh efforts to dissolve the tension between Farah-Shirish Kunder and their newfound foe Shah Rukh Khan.
 According to sources, Sajid tried to call a truce between the trio, who got into a scuffle when Shah Rukh, who was invited at the success bash of Agneepath thrown by Sanjay Dutt for close friends at Aurus, Juhu, almost got into bad fight with filmmaker Shrish Kunder, over his changed loyalties from SRK to Salman.

SRK on the cover of Good Housekeeping Feb 2012

Here is the Latest Photoshoot of Shahrukh khan for Good Housekeeping Magazine Coverpage February 2012 Edition.

Canon PowerShot G1X Digital Camera Review

Canon produces new digital camera PowerShot G1X, its features are 14MP 1.5in CMOS sensor , 28-112mm F2.8-5.8 lens, 3in 920k dot fully-articulated LCD screen, , 1080p video recording at 24fps, 14-bit RAW shooting. The space between high-end DSLRs and budget compacts is becoming rather crowded and Canon has just thrown its flagship advanced compact, the PowerShot G1X into the mix.

Amazing Vegetable Crocodile Art

Art Painting On Face

Animal Art With Maps

Agneepath Movie Reviews 2012

Story: Set initially in a village called Mandwa in India, Agneepath which eventually moves to Mumbai, is a simple story of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan (Hrithik Roshan) who wants to take the revenge of his father Dinanath Chauhan’s murder from Kancha (Sanjay Dutt).

Quotes about Boys

Vidya Balan's photoshoot for RANKA Jewellers

Here is the latest Hot Photoshoot of Bollywood Actress Vidya balan for RANKA Jewellers in Designer Saree.

Mobee Magic Feet wirelessly recharges your Mac peripherals

Recharging your gadgets can be a tiresome process especially if you need to recharge several gadgets simultaneously, and if you want to avoid dealing with wires, you might be interested in today’s device.

Cufflinks that double up as a WiFi hotspot from Brookstone

Making an impression in the boardroom and pushing your geeky friends to squeal has never been easier. Brookstone's new WiFi cufflinks are sure to impress with their smooth polished silver design and covert connectivity.

Sharp sound bar system

Sharp Introduces new sound system HT-SB250The with this features 32W (RMS) total power output, SRS WOW HD with four presets, Four subwoofer speakers, Bass, treble and subwoofer level adjustments and Wall or TV stand installation. Sharp HT-SB250 is a simple soundbar with only a couple of connections, designed to boost stereo sound from a flatpanel TV. But it carries out this basic task with aplomb, delivering a dynamic sound with palpable bass kick and some clean, crisp high-frequencies. It’s also compact, discreetly styled and easy to install, making it a worthwhile speaker upgrade

John Abraham New Girlfriend Priya Runchal

Shahrukh Rocks Katrina Shocked

Shahrukh Khan surprised Katrina Kaif, when Shahrukh plant a kiss on her cheek during an award show performance. The sudden move caught many by surprise. While the kiss itself was just a sweet peck on the cheek, Bollywood gossip circles went into overdrive mode to read between the lines. Adding fuel to the fire were the comments from SRK and Katrina when asked about the matter.

The male brain and the female Brain

What kind of brain do you have? There really are big differences between the male and female brain, says Simon Baron-Cohen, director of the Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University. In his new book, the Essential Difference: Men, Women and the Extreme Male Brain (published by Penguin) Baron-Cohen shows that, indisputably, on average male and female minds are of a slightly different character. Men tend to be better at analysing systems (better systemisers), while women tend to be better at reading the emotions of other people (better empathisers). Baron-Cohen shows that this distinction arises from biology, not culture.

How to Keep Teeth White Naturally

There are many effective methods of teeth whitening available, but some come with heavy price tags. Here are some steps you can take at home to whiten teeth naturally without breaking the bank.

The benefits of tomatoes

Tomatoes are good for the health. Tomatoes are a storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants, which helps in preventing diseases and also in boosting the immunity system. A diet, which includes tomatoes, is considered to reduce the risk of prostate diseases and heart diseases. Studies have shown that this red fruit is good for colon health; pancreatic health and can even prevent cancer.  Once tomatoes were considered to be poisonous but in fact it is a healthy food. Tomatoes contain Vitamin C, which helps in the production of collagen, tendons, scar tissues and blood vessels. Tomatoes also help to prevent cell damage as the Vitamin C is also considered an antioxidant, which prevents cell damage by free radicals.

Neck and back injuries

 There are a number of different ways in which a person can suffer injury to the neck area, from injuries affecting the muscles, such as strains; those affecting the ligaments, such as sprains; and those which affect the nerves, which can lead to spinal damage. Equally there can be a number of different causes of medical injuries relating to the neck, including car accidents, falls and even medical negligence, in some cases.

Celebrities at India Auto Expo 2012

iShower Wireless Bluetooth speaker for your bathroom

if you want to enjoy in your favorite music even when you’re in the shower, today we have a special wireless speaker that might be helpful to you.

iShower is the latest water-resistant Bluetooth speaker for your bathroom that will allow you to enjoy in your favorite music from any Apple or Android device.

Samsung WiFi Skype camera for your HDTV

Samsung InTouch 5010N is a WiFi camera that should bring Skype video calls to any standard HDTV.

Tom Cruise on Top of Burj Khalifa

Tom Cruise at the very top of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, during the shoot of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Let See this video of Tom Cruise on Burj Khalifa....

Madhuri Dixit Wax Statue at Madam Tussauds

The award winning actress Madhuri Dixit-Nene was today named by Madame Tussauds London as the latest Indian film star to join the A-list line up at the world famous attraction. Madhuri, famed for her dazzling dancing, has already given a sitting to the Madame Tussauds' sculptors in Mumbai and is expected to unveil her likeness in London in March.

Karishma & Kareena Kapoor at the party of Rujuta

Some Pictures of Kareena and Karishma kapoor on success of Rujuta.

Design of fruits and Vegetable

Architecture paper models

Bird skeleton

Christy Rupp, an artist based in Chelsea, has created skeletons of extinct birds with the help of chicken bones that she collected over a period of time. 

Ballplayer wall climbing catch

George bush funny video

Girl with Funny Talent

Extreme Dancing

Health insurance senior

Good foods
Food is one of the most important aspects of care for the aged. People get weaker as they grow older. Alongside, there is a marked reduction in their immunity and resistance power. They lose their muscular strength and are prone to a number of musculoskeletal injuries. Bones get brittle due to the loss of calcium.

Tears Can Be Used To Test the Blood Sugar In Diabetics

Tears for diabetes test
Until now, blood was used in diabetes testing machines to evaluate the blood sugar level of patients. Latest studies have now shown that tears can also used effectively to evaluate blood sugar levels. The study was conducted by University of Michigan researchers and the study was published in Analytical Chemistry journal. When studies were conducted on animals in laboratory, tears were found to give an accurate measure of blood sugar level. The device used for testing was an electrochemical sensor.

Armstar The BodyGuard 9XI-HD01: Docks your iPhone onto your arm and keeps you safe

We have seen all sorts of iPhone docks, but this is probably the first iPhone dock that allows you to dock your iPhone onto your arm, so let’s have a closer look at it.
 Armstar’s The BodyGuard 9XI-HD01 is probably the most unusual iPhone dock that we saw, because it allows you to dock your smartphone onto your arm, but in order to dock your smartphone, you have to wear Armstar’s The BodyGuard 9XI-HD01 on your arm.

Vending Machines in Japan provide free WiFi

You probably remember Vending Machine 2.0 from Japan, and if you like using vending machines, we’re happy to inform you that vending machines in Japan are able to provide you with WiFi as well.

Shah Rukh Khan for India Magazine

The latest photoshoot of Shahrukh khan for India Magazine. Shah Rukh Khan on  India Magazine Coverpage.

Shahid Kapoor for The Man Magazine

The latest photoshoot of Shahid Kapoor for The Man Magazine January 2012 Edition.

Hrithik Roshan Photoshoot for Film Street Journal

The latest photoshoot of Hrithik Roshan on Film Street Journal coverpage January 2012 Edition. In a sleeveless t-shirt that shows off his muscular physique, the actor is seen wearing a bandanna and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Jaya Bachchan with Shweta Nanda Photoshoot in Hello Magazine

Here Jaya Bachchan (wife of Amitabh Bachchan) with Daughter Shweta Nanda (Sister of Abhishek Bachchan) latest photoshoot for Special Edition of Hello Magazine.

Sonakshi Sinha for L’Officiel Magazine

The Latest Photoshoot of Sonakshi Sinha for L’Officiel Magazine January 2012 Edition.

Life Bellow the Surface Underwater Art

Austrian photographer Andreas Franke transformed old sunken ship into an underwater art gallery.


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