SMK-Link Bluetooth Calculator Keypad combines keypad and calculator into one

Using your Mac with compact-size keyboard saves your space, but it also deprives you from your keypad, but luckily for you, we have a device that will give you back your keypad functionality.

Bluetooth Calculator Keypad comes from SMK-Link, and this keyboard gives you quick access to numerical and mathematical keys. Besides its keypad functionality, Bluetooth Calculator Keypad can also work as a calculator, so you don’t have to start any additional calculator applications on your computer. There are also buttons for specific functions such as memory recall, percentages, and decimal change, so you’ll be able to do perform basic calculations with ease.
If you’re looking for a keypad for your Mac, Bluetooth Calculator Keypad might be perfect for you, because it comes with built-in calculator as well, and it’s fully compatible with both Mac and PC computers. As for the price, Bluetooth Calculator Keypad can be purchased from Apple Online Store for $59.99.


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