Repaint on Kitchen Table

When you buy a new kitchen table its paint last for a long time, so there is not anything to worry about. The trouble rises when refinish the paint of any old table. People make a mistake when apply paint on the old paint. When they adopt this practice they fail to achieve any good result. We give you some tips & ideas to refinish your kitchen table at the time when it becomes old and looks awkward.

1-         Take a duster and remove all the dust from the table. Clean it carefully. So that when you apply paint over the surface it may not come out after a week.
2-         You have to remove the legs of the table by a screwdriver, if it is joined by screws. Some tables have fixed legs that may not be removed.
3-         Take a sand paper and rub it carefully on all parts of the table. In this way the surface will be finish and a good painting can be done. If you are not in mood to sand it manually then take an electric sander to sand the wooden surfaces.
4-         Sand it skillfully, because you have to remove not only all the dust but to clean the previous paint. When dust & old paint will be removed the surface smooth.
5-         After rubbing it with sandpaper clean it with a cloth.
6-         Take a large brush for spread surfaces and start painting the table. The small brush will be useful for legs only.
7-         When you finish painting and apply one coat successfully, then let be dried for al least six hours. After this apply the second coat and leave it for dryness.
8-         Always use washable paint for kitchen table. It will be easy for you when your mood change and you want to switch on any other color.
9-         Now set the legs of the table and put the table in kitchen or in dinning space.
10-       It is to remember that give a suitable margin of time to dry when you paint anything. It will be nice to use the newly painted table after 24 hours. Go on dinning with new colors and nice finishing.


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