Natural iPhone speaker dock made from recycled plastic

There is variety of iPhone speaker docks on the market, but if you’re looking for a natural speaker that is made from recycled materials, today we have the perfect model for you.
 iBamboo Urban is  a successor of iBamboo speaker, and unlike its predecessor, iBamboo Urban is not made out of bamboo, but instead of bamboo, the entire speaker dock is made from recycled plastic. Just like the previous model, iBamboo Urban is a natural speaker dock, and it has no electronics inside, instead, it relies on its own design and acoustics to amplify the sound.

About the sound, we have to notice that iBamboo Urban will produce crisp sound, unlike its predecessor that produces warm sound. Several iBamboo Urban models will be available, both transparent and in solid colors.
Sadly, iBamboo Urban is still a prototype, but its creators are looking for a suitable manufacturer, so we should see iBamboo Urban available someday soon. As for the price, iBamboo Urban is will be priced at $29.


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