Ekk Deewana Tha (2012)

Story: The story revolves around Sachin and his love Jessie. Sachin is an engineer, who has managed to complete his degree, but is completely obsessed with the world of cinema and films. Jessie is a Malayalee Christian with strict orthodox parents.
When Sachin sees Jessie for the first time he falls in love with her. However, Jessie, who is a year elder to Sachin, insists that they should just be friends. Sachin leaves no chance to match her, catch her attention or generally trying to make a conversation with her. Later, it’s how the confused yet headstrong Jessie and the completely in love Sachin experience the highs and lows of being in love.

Star Cast: Prateik Babbar, Amy Jackson

Director: Gautham Menon

Producer: Gautham Menon, Reshma Ghatala, Venkat Somasundaram

Music Directer: A R Rahman

Genre: Romance


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