Samsung WiFi Skype camera for your HDTV

Samsung InTouch 5010N is a WiFi camera that should bring Skype video calls to any standard HDTV.
Since this camera is a compact device, you can easily place it in your living room, or on your HDTV, and it will perfectly blend with the rest of your room. As for the camera, it comes with 30-degree tilt, and it connects to your HDTV with single HDMI cable, and as for the internet connection, you just need to press WPS button and you’re good to go. Besides 720p HD Skype, there’s also YouTube, Google News, Weather and web browser, and in order to use these apps, you have a special QWERTY keyboard included as well. We also have to mention that Samsung InTouch 5010N can also capture 3 Megapixel pictures, and you can easily transfer more pictures using the USB port and display them on your HDTV.
Samsung InTouch 5010N is one multifunctional device, and as for the availability, it will become available in March, and it should cost $199.99.


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