Mobee Magic Feet wirelessly recharges your Mac peripherals

Recharging your gadgets can be a tiresome process especially if you need to recharge several gadgets simultaneously, and if you want to avoid dealing with wires, you might be interested in today’s device.

If you’re a Mac user, than you probably use Bluetooth keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad, and when it comes to recharging, you need to remove your batteries and recharge them separately, and that is sometimes a tedious process, but today we have a device that will make this process a lot simpler than before. Mobee Magic Feet is an inductive charging system that can wirelessly recharge batteries on your Bluetooth keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad, and you can do so without removing your batteries. Mobee Magic Feet recharges all of these devices simultaneously, but it also works as a USB hub, and it allows you to connect four additional USB devices to it. As for the recharging process, it takes six hours to recharge all three devices simultaneously to their full power.
Mobee Magic Feet is great device if you’re Mac user, and as for the price, this inductive charger is priced at $149.90.


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