Armstar The BodyGuard 9XI-HD01: Docks your iPhone onto your arm and keeps you safe

We have seen all sorts of iPhone docks, but this is probably the first iPhone dock that allows you to dock your iPhone onto your arm, so let’s have a closer look at it.
 Armstar’s The BodyGuard 9XI-HD01 is probably the most unusual iPhone dock that we saw, because it allows you to dock your smartphone onto your arm, but in order to dock your smartphone, you have to wear Armstar’s The BodyGuard 9XI-HD01 on your arm.
We have to mention that Armstar’s The BodyGuard 9XI-HD01 is made out of cotton, a flame resistant fiber, and Kevlar Mix. In addition, there are many hidden features such as Electronic Deterrent, Electronic Control Device, HD camera, flash light, defense shield and safety pin. Thanks to the Electronic Deterrent, which is actually a stun gun, you can easily neutralize a potential robber if you’re in danger, and a built in dock will keep your smartphone safe at all times.
Armstar’s The BodyGuard 9XI-HD01 is not an ordinary iPhone dock, however, no information about pricing or release date is available at the moment.


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