Nail Fungus Treatment

There is nothing worse than seeing discoloring on one of your fingernails or toe nails. If you are noticing pain or discoloration, then you could have a nail fungus infection.

What is Nail Fungus:

Nail fungus is a fungal infection in one or more of your nails. An infection with nail fungus may begin as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail. A nail fungus infection is also called onychomycosis.

The nail fungus moves in under the nail. The nail provides a safe place for the fungus and protects it while it grows. That’s why it’ s so hard to reach and stop nail fungus.

What Causes Nail Fungus:

In normal, healthy people, fungal nails are most commonly caused by fungus that is caught from moist, wet areas. Communal showers, such as those at a gym, or swimming pools are common sources.

Nail Fungus Symptoms:

  • Brittleness 
  • Change in nail shape 
  • Crumbling of the outside edges of the nail 
  • Debris trapped under the nail 
  • Loosening or lifting up of the nail 
  • Loss of luster and shine 
  • Thickening of the nail 
  • White or yellow streaks on the side of the nail 
  • You may feel pain in your toes or fingertips and detect a slightly foul odor.

Nail Fungus Remedies:

  • Standard treatment for nail fungus using Listerine is to soak the affected area in Listerine for 10 minutes every night until the affected area clears. 
  • Tea tree oil is a potent natural antiseptic and fungicide that will help fight your fungus. Apply undiluted tea tree oil with olive oil to the affected nail. Alternatively you can put few drops of tea tree oil on nails and rub it thoroughly every day. 
  • Apply Vicks Vaporub to the affected nails every day one or two times, and then within a week or so you will see the fungus disappear. Each person will see different results and it may take up to three months to work, but most of the time it shows results within a week or two. 
  • Soak your nails for 15 to 20 minutes in basin full of warm water and natural apple cider vinegar mixed in equal proportion. When done, dry your nails thoroughly. Use a hair dryer on warm setting to absorb all the moisture in and around the toes or hands. Apple cider vinegar is a mild acid and prevents nail fungus from spreading. 
  • Apply Vitamin E oil to affected nails once or twice daily. With this treatment it takes awhile to show progress. As the nail grows out it will grow healthy and fungus free.

  • Put equal amount of tea tree oil and lavender oil on a cotton ball or swab. Dab it under the top edge of the nail and surrounding area 2 or 3 times a day. 
  • Use equal amounts of vinegar and water and soak your hands in it for about half an hour one or two time a day. After about a week you will notice that the fungus is leaving. 
  • Refrain from using nail polish while you are trying to treat a fungus infection as it can block topical medications from acting properly on the infection. 
  • Blend 2 drops of Oregano essential oil with a tsp of olive oil. Apply this mixture on the affected area daily for not more than three weeks. Oregano essential oil has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti fungal properties. 
  • Do not share combs, hair brushes, nail clippers and scissors with other people, even family members. It’s very easy to spread the fungus in this way.


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