'Snail Facials' To Improve Skin Health

Facial has become the part of fashion. If you have exhausted all your efforts with traditional creams and facials and did not get required outcomes then consider the newest dermatological treatment being presented in Japan which is SNAIL FACIAL.

Natural beauty is going in new depths with a live snail facial. Snails have long been regarded as a nuisance in the garden but snails can be skin friendly when it comes to anti-aging. This facial in Japan claims to improve your skin health via mucus trail of snail.

This regenerative facial treatment involves at least three snails. The slug mucus of snail is now a hot new beauty ingredient in Japan. All you need to do is to place three snails in your cheeks and forehead. After placing let them crawl on your face leaving behind a mucus trail. According to some medical experts mucus trail is full of powerful proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. These compounds soothe inflammation, remove dead skin and help your skin to retain its moisturize. Mucus trail is considered very beneficial in healing damaged skin.

The snails feel slow, heavy, cool and slightly ticklish. The trained employee attentively lifts the snails with a little tug when they move towards nostril, mouth and eyes. You can feel snails moving on your face. For some people it can be scary. However, after facial affects are really good. Your face will definitely feel cooler and plumper. Snail mucus is beneficial for skin is not a new finding. Snail mucus has been considered as a natural skin enhancer form older times.

The fact is that in a number of spa treatments and beauty products contain mucus as an active ingredient. In markets, there are many beauty creams are now available in Japan which contains snail slime. Now snail facial is proved to be helpful in healing skin damaged by ultraviolet rays.

Snail extracts like mucus trail is popping up in beauty lines and contributing a lot in making your skin smooth and fresh. It is one of the strange facials currently available in markets in Japan. In Japan, snail facials cost about 39,000 naira.


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