Human brain has two hemispheres which function differently

From classical times, it has been known that the human brain has two distinct ways of thinking and knowing. Many scientists, intellectuals, and authors have given names to these two types of intelligence or cognitive styles. 

Some examples are:
  Left Brain
  Right Brain
  Maslow  Rational  Intuitive
  Bruner  Rational  Metaphoric
  Koestler  Associative thinking  Bisociative thinking
  De Bono  Vertical  Horizontal or lateral
  Bronowski  Deductive  Imaginative
  Shopenhauer  Objective  Subjective
  Freud  Secondary process  Primary process
  Jung  Causal  Acausel
  Langer  Discursive symbolism  Presentational symbolism
  Neisser  Sequential processing  Multiple processing
  Kubie  Conscious processing  Preconscious processing

Whatever they are labeled, the effective use of these two distinctive processes is vital for all creative human thought, for the full functions of the human brain.


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