Cisco Small Business Wireless-G Business Internet Video Camera

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Product Description:

Cisco Small Business WVC2300 Wireless-G Business Internet Video Camera

Linksys Business Series Surveillance products provide customizable ways for small business owners to monitor and protect their companies.These high-quality solutions can be optimized for many different applications and sites. Each camera can be quickly mounted utilizing the bracket included in the package. Its compact form factor also enables the camera to be put inside a protective enclosure for interior or exterior installations.The WVC2300 Camera can be mounted on any Pan-Tilt (PT) base that supports the Pelco_D protocol and can be remotely rotated and controlled through an RS-485 interface. The WVC2300 also has two input and two output ports which can be used for connecting the camera to an alarm panel, siren, Passive InfraRed (PIR) sensors, smoke detectors, lighting switch (on/off), door sensors, etc.The camera uses removable CS-mount lenses and can be customized with optional Zoom, Wide-Angle, Vari-focal, Auto-Iris, or other type of lenses as required for a specific application or setting.The WVC2300 uses a high-quality progressive scan CCD Sensor delivering good quality video. The CCD sensor also has low-light sensitivity so video can be captured even in very low light environments or during 'near dark' times of day. Additionally, the camera incorporates an IR Cut Filter which, when used with a separate IR lamp, allows for video capture in total darkness.they provide full security to your company,office and etc to watch on your monitor and judge the situation of outside where the camera is fixed.



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